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Home CompanyCommunity People of Pasadena: Aaron Wheeler

People of Pasadena: Aaron Wheeler

by Olivia Tighe

If you’re a business owner in Pasadena, odds are you know the name Aaron Wheeler. If you don’t, you should. Especially if you are an entrepreneur looking to start or grow your company in the greater Los Angeles area. Spokeo was bootstrapped by its founders and the process of starting a company is a huge undertaking. People like Aaron are an incredible resource for those pursuing this path.

Aaron’s Impact

Aaron has been serving locally for almost 10 years in a variety of impactful ways. His experience as an Executive Strategist allows him to share his knowledge by advising and partnering with entrepreneurial ventures. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors for Innovate Pasadena, a networking group for local business leaders. He focuses on the development of entrepreneurial endeavors, professional growth, education, and job creation. Aaron is also a champion for freedom of speech and expression as an Advisory Board member on both the Business & Entrepreneur Academy and the Arts, Entertainment, & Media Academy for the Pasadena Unified School District. He even heads the community development department and media training program at Pasadena Media, the local community access television channels. Globally, he works to encourage business development as a Director for Startup Grind Pasadena, a global community of entrepreneurs in 125 countries seeking to educate each other on how to succeed in building a company.

Aaron’s Ventures

In his most recent entrepreneurial and investment ventures, Aaron is a founding investor and co-owner of Legion M Entertainment, the first fan-owned entertainment company that has raised over 5 million dollars. Aaron worked closely with stakeholders to represent the campaign and communicate campaign objectives. He also had a hand in recruiting active members and worked with leadership to refine tactics and adjust methods as needed. Aaron continues to be a moderator for Legion M as they are on their way to being one of the most influential companies in Hollywood. Aaron was also recently involved with ComicBlitz, an unlimited, streaming, digital comics distribution platform acquired by Cinedigm. Aaron is an investor and initially advised the company in a fundraising strategy through equity crowdfunding. In doing so, they raised $87,810 from 237 investors. ComicBlitz aims to be “Netflix of digital comic books,” and is now available in 133 countries.

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Aaron’s Outlook

Aaron states that he is blessed to be part of so many success stories. He truly views success not on how far he gets ahead, but on how he has helped others achieve their goals. As a Martial Artist himself, there is a saying that he abides by: “You can tell how good a Martial Arts teacher is by the lives they save or the students they teach.” He continues to have a positive impact on people’s lives as an advisor and strategist in the Pasadena community. Aaron believes that we are all connected, and it is our duty to administer the gifts and skills given to us to the next generation. The community of Pasadena is lucky to have an influential leader like Aaron who invests so much time in the success of others. These types of leaders make Pasadena a better place to live.