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Home CompanyRecruiting Spokeo’s Approach to Interviewing

Spokeo’s Approach to Interviewing

by Spokeo

Our selection practices here at Spokeo are based on two-way conversations between you possible future peers and executives. The goal is to provide clarity for all about what it would be like to work together and how much might be achieved. Since we advocate transparency, we’d like to share our approach to selecting people to join us and become Spokeo staff*.


Showcase your work. We want to see what you’ve accomplished! While this is usually done with a resume, you are also welcome to link to online portfolios, online videos, certifications or blog/posts/interviews that showcase relevant skills and abilities.


Getting to know you. We then schedule a recruiter-based phone screen, followed by a phone screen with one or more of our Spokeo staff (often the hiring manager). This is an excellent way for us to get to know each other. We can also answer any of your questions about Spokeo’s business model, office environment, culture, tools, and deliverable.

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Onsite Interview

Picture yourself at Spokeo. Meeting in person is a great way to get more background and meet the rest of the people that interact with the role and see how we do work and life together in our offices!

*This approach applies to full-time, salaried professional positions. Other roles such as hourly roles, including Customer Care and internships, follow a modified approach.