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Hidden Memories

by Ashley Viloria

Cleaning a home can be a big process – whether it’s due to spring cleaning or moving out. It’s always a good idea to have a game plan to tackle the task and keep things organized. Here’s how one of our users, Donna, tracked down a family after finding precious mementos lost during a big cleanout.

After coming back from a trip to her local thrift store, Donna noticed something stuck in the pages of an old book that she had purchased – a few letters addressed to “Mom”. Donna wanted to figure out a way to return the  letters and cards because they seemed sentimental. Luckily, the letters included “Mom’s” full name, along with a few other people with the same last name. Donna went on Google to search for them, but her search turned out unsuccessful as she wasn’t able to find contact information for anybody. However, luck ended up on her side after finding Spokeo. After performing a name search and narrowing down the listings, she found a profile for one of the people – and it included a phone number!

Donna called the number, but nobody answered. She left a voicemail explaining the situation, and also included her contact information. A few hours later, she received a call back from the phone number – it was one of “Mom’s” family members. They arranged to meet up at a nearby location so that Donna could return the cards. After giving them back, she learned that “Mom” was 97-years-old and was relocating out of her house. Her family had cleaned out her home and donated a few things, including the book she had purchased. Unfortunately, they didn’t realize that there were things hidden in the book. They were super grateful for the return of the letters that included correspondence and thank-you cards from almost thirty years ago! It was a happy ending to an unfortunate cleaning mishap.

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