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Home StoriesConnectors One Last Reunion

One Last Reunion

by Ashley Viloria

We recently received a call from Margaret, a Spokeo user who surprised her husband by finding an old friend he had lost touch with. Margaret and her husband, Clint, had been married for over 60 years before Clint got very sick. It was at that time that Margaret decided to search for Gordon, one of Clint’s old friends, with the hopes of having him visit Clint at the nursing home.

Clint and Gordon met each other while going to school at their local community college. They were both firefighters who were taking classes to obtain degrees in Fire Science. Since they were in the same program and worked in the same field, they spent a lot of time together and became good friends. Although they worked at different stations, they would still frequently see each other out on the job over the course of 30 years.

When Clint decided to pursue his Master’s degree, he and Margaret moved from their home state of Nevada to California. After he graduated, they moved to Oregon. Clint would try to call Gordon every once in a while, but nobody picked up on the other end, which caused  Clint to eventually stop trying to reach out. After a few years of living in Oregon, Clint and Margaret moved back to Nevada. Clint retired and enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren. Because he never had any luck getting in touch with Gordon in the past, and he spent most of his time with his family anyways, Clint didn’t try again to find Gordon after his retirement.

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Eventually, Clint got really sick and ended up in hospice. Margaret wanted to lift Clint’s spirits, so she decided to do whatever it took to find Gordon for their reunion. Margaret figured that Gordon still lived in Nevada and remembered the area he lived in, so she searched for him online. Her internet search led her to Spokeo and although there wasn’t too much information on Gordon, Margaret knew the name of his children, so she decided to search for them instead. She found some numbers and called them, each time asking the person on the other line if they knew who Gordon or his children were. Imagine her surprise when one of those people actually revealed that he was Gordon’s grandson! When Margaret told the grandson that she was trying to locate Gordon, he mentioned that he was actually going to see his grandfather later that night and that he’d pass the message along to Gordon. And a few hours later, Margaret received a call from Gordon! She was so happy and relieved that she had finally found him, especially because she had been searching for a few months.

After Margaret finally reconnected with Gordon, they spoke on the phone for a few hours. They caught up on each other’s lives and Margaret told Gordon about Clint’s declining health. They made arrangements for Gordon to visit Clint at the nursing home. The night before the reunion, Margaret told Clint that she found Gordon and that they’d get to reunite with each other the following day. Clint was so excited and couldn’t wait!

When Clint and Gordon finally saw each other the next day, it was a very emotional reunion. They were both so happy to see each other and everyone could immediately feel the positive energy rise in the room. 

Almost a week after their reunion, Clint passed away. Although Margaret was sad, she knew how happy Clint and Gordon were after finally seeing each other after so many years. She knew how much the reunion meant to Clint, which gave her some solace during that time.

“This did more for Clint than any medicine could have done for him. I really thank you. It really made his last days very well. The happiest time he had at the end was Gordon coming to see him.”

We’re so touched that we were able to be a part of Margaret’s journey in bringing in some love and light to her late husband’s last days. If you need help locating someone you’ve lost touch with, we can help. Start your search today!